STYLE STORIES | Floral Bomber Jacket

ZARA Bomber Jacket // ZARA Top // Y Jewelry Necklace // Six Earrings // MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

Hi pretty birds! How are you doing? 

I'm doing wonderful, since I'm back on track with the blog. You might have noticed the new blog lay-out. Also, you might have read something about the new direction I'm taking this blog into. Basically, I realized that I can't write about EVERYTHING that I have an interest in. So I defined the things I'm most passionate about and gave them their well-earned space on this blog, so that hopefully these passions can develop and flourish! If you have been following my blog a bit, you will know what passions I'm talking about. I'm talking prints. Maximalism. Styling. Concepts. Experimentation. Pineapples. Colors. More prints. 

I am very excited for this new chapter to begin. I feel like aliceroxy will feel more "me" and less "I write about this and that because that's what I am supposed to do". I won't write a lot, because that's just not my thing (I'm trying my very best atm to write down my thoughts). So, the things you can expect to see on aliceroxy will be style stories, curated by me and sometimes with the help of lovely artists (such as my dear friend and photography talent Louis Fjaril). I would also like to feature small labels and designers I discover. I hope you'll like the changes as much as I do!

About this style story now! I was wearing one of my fav bomber jackets with a Japanese-inspired floral print, since the weather gods were so kind to give us some sun and +20 degrees this weekend (in October, yeah global warming much?). The necklace is from a Canadian jewelry brand called Y Jewelry, which was founded by a Québequois friend of mine. Be sure to check it out because they have some pretty awesome stuff, some of which made with 3D-printing!

Oh yeah, these pics look a bit different. That is because I accidentally put my ISO on 6400 hence the slightly overexposed, grainy pics. Well let's say I have to do some more thorough research on the new camera (I recently bought a Nikon DS3200 + 35 mm lens f 1.8 - I'm in love with it)!  These pics were taken in Antwerp at the Botanical Garden, such a magical place ♡ ! I find botanical gardens very inspiring, too bad the interior wasn't opened - I'd love to see all the cacti and exotic plants. 

I'm curious to find out what you think about aliceroxy 2.0. I also wonder what you think about focusing on a specific subject/angle vs. your blog being a lifestyle platform where you write a bit about everything. Is there one answer or is it personal and different for every blogger? Let me know what you think!

xo, Charlotte 

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October Obsessions

Lime // I'm truly obsessed with this color. I think it would be fun to wear it in fall/winter instead of seeing it as a color that's meant to be worn in summertime.


Hello peonies!

Sadly, my 3-month adventure in Amsterdam has come to an end... but only temporarily. I'm spending the summer in Belgium and in September I will probably move to Amsterdam for real! Again, I had a a blast; meeting wonderful people and learning so much thanks to everyone at thisMemento where I did my internship.

In June, I went to London for my internship and couldn't leave without making a stop at Topshop, where I bought this amazing sunflower orange midi skirt. I paired it with a leaf dress top and purple lipstick, also from Topshop. The shoes are River Island. I love walking the streets in this outfit because I feel so grown up and chic, like a true Milanese fashionista. That weird?

Oh and I cut my hair! I got bored of my curly long hair and wanted something fresh. Okay, I also wanted to look like Betty Blue ;) What do you think of it?

xo, Charlotte

Thanks to Remco Sijtzema for taking my pictures 

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Trending This Month | Kimonos 着物

Kimono River Island/earrings vintage/shoes+pants+top Zara

Hi !

Today, I'd like to present you: Charlotte's new obsession. I'm so done with pineapples since they're becoming a trend lately. Haha just kidding. But still, I'm a bit pissed off that pineapples are appearing everywhere.

So, something I've been really into lately...kimonos! I've only got two so far but I'm scanning my favorite online shops in order to find some true gems. Asos has got a nice selection! When I went shopping with my sister a while ago, my attention was drawn to this piece. I love the color combo and the oriental print.

Stylewise, I think it's about finding a balance. Try not to look like you've just got out of bed, so be sure to mix different textures. Don't wear an outfit that only consists of silk clothing, you're not Rihanna. Also, don't go in overdrive by trying out the oriental look (geisha alert!).

I think a fedora would be cool to pair with a kimono, plus some flatforms maybe! Definitely something to try out. *wishlisted fedora*

So, what's your opinion on kimonos?

xo Charlotte

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