STYLE STORIES | Chelsea Girl

Heya! I recently bought a bright yellow faux fur coat. It's basically the statement piece of my winter closet this season. I've had a lot of people staring at me in the streets, but frankly I don't give a s*** . I don't care about what people think of me and I love my furry tweety coat no matter what! In my circle, the opinions are divided. Some friends love it, others think it's hideous -hi there boyfriend! 

ZARA coat // Asos dress // H&M earrings // ZARA bag // ZARA chelsea boots

I love that the coat makes me look like a girl from Chelsea, London in the sixties. I styled it with that picture in mind, pairing the coat with statement earrings, a black open-back dress with a stroke in patent leather and of course, Chelsea boots. What is your opinion on the tweety coat?

xo, Charlotte 

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Label Love | Doriane Van Overeem

Hi! As I mentioned earlier, my blog is partly focused on putting up-and-coming labels and designers, who fit my maximalist mindset, in the picture. The first label I would like to introduce to you is Doriane Van Overeem.

Doriane Van Overeem is a label I recently discovered through Instagram. Doriane is a Belgian fashion designer, who graduated from La Cambre in Brussels. Her first collection “Fatherfuckers’ Queen” was sold at Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles, New York and London, was worn by the singer Ciara and voted “Best Legends of The Fall” on The collection was exhibited at Galeries Lafayette in Paris for “la Zone des Lauréats” and also for “Dresscode” in Hong Kong. All items are made in Belgium which guarantee high-end quality finishings and luxury ready-to-wear products.

Each design has a particular attention on bright colors because the designer feels like there is a huge lack of risk-taking these days. I asked her if she feels like there should be more prints and colors on the streets and she said "Yes, I think people just should care less about what people could think if they wear "this or that" and simply bring a little positive and joyful energy by wearing colors and prints!". We definitely share that opinion! ;)

The inspiration for the SS15 collection was mermaids, which can be seen in the choice of fabrics: sequins that recall scales, satin and iridescent fabrics referring to pearls and the beautiful jellyfish sweater, embroidered by hand. The title of the collection is "The Way To Say No", which is a statement regarding the rights of women to not agree with daily sexual harassment in general. Every human being has the right to say no, and Doriane wants to remind us of that fact. Also, everything is made in Belgium, to protest against overconsumption. The message is to buy less, but better and support designers who are going in that direction. I myself am a firm believer of investing in locally produced goods, whether it's food or fashion.

You can find Doriane's new SS15 collection at Ludiq in Antwerp, a brand new store at Mechelsesteenweg 153 which holds its opening party this Saturday the 22nd of November. Starting from January, the collection will also be sold on the website.

PS: don't you just love this campaign shoot? I am in love with it (and the clothes, obviously)! Credits: Photographer Gökay Çatak // Model Alisa Duran // Creative Director Geoffrey Masure // MUA Katarina Goyvaerts 

xo, Charlotte

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STYLE STORIES | Aquamarine Prints For Autumn

Van Hassels fur collar // ZARA sweater // vintage necklace // Asos printed pants // And Other Stories loafers // Topshop purple lipstick

Hi there!

I love Autumn and the colors of the leaves, but just not on clothes. They don't really suit me well. Which is why I put together an outfit consisting of my favorite colors: lime, emerald, violet, turquoise and aquamarine. As you might know, I like doing unconventional things -such as refusing to wear Autumn colors in Autumn. Experimenting with new silhouettes is something I've been wanting to try out since I read this post by Nemesis, Babe. 

If anyone of you has a cool idea, tell me and I'll try it - except skirt over pants, thanks but no thanks ;) !

xo, Charlotte 

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STYLE STORIES | Floral Bomber Jacket

ZARA Bomber Jacket // ZARA Top // Y Jewelry Necklace // Six Earrings // MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

Hi pretty birds! How are you doing? 

I'm doing wonderful, since I'm back on track with the blog. You might have noticed the new blog lay-out. Also, you might have read something about the new direction I'm taking this blog into. Basically, I realized that I can't write about EVERYTHING that I have an interest in. So I defined the things I'm most passionate about and gave them their well-earned space on this blog, so that hopefully these passions can develop and flourish! If you have been following my blog a bit, you will know what passions I'm talking about. I'm talking prints. Maximalism. Styling. Concepts. Experimentation. Pineapples. Colors. More prints. 

I am very excited for this new chapter to begin. I feel like aliceroxy will feel more "me" and less "I write about this and that because that's what I am supposed to do". I won't write a lot, because that's just not my thing (I'm trying my very best atm to write down my thoughts). So, the things you can expect to see on aliceroxy will be style stories, curated by me and sometimes with the help of lovely artists (such as my dear friend and photography talent Louis Fjaril). I would also like to feature small labels and designers I discover. I hope you'll like the changes as much as I do!

About this style story now! I was wearing one of my fav bomber jackets with a Japanese-inspired floral print, since the weather gods were so kind to give us some sun and +20 degrees this weekend (in October, yeah global warming much?). The necklace is from a Canadian jewelry brand called Y Jewelry, which was founded by a Québequois friend of mine. Be sure to check it out because they have some pretty awesome stuff, some of which made with 3D-printing!

Oh yeah, these pics look a bit different. That is because I accidentally put my ISO on 6400 hence the slightly overexposed, grainy pics. Well let's say I have to do some more thorough research on the new camera (I recently bought a Nikon DS3200 + 35 mm lens f 1.8 - I'm in love with it)!  These pics were taken in Antwerp at the Botanical Garden, such a magical place ♡ ! I find botanical gardens very inspiring, too bad the interior wasn't opened - I'd love to see all the cacti and exotic plants. 

I'm curious to find out what you think about aliceroxy 2.0. I also wonder what you think about focusing on a specific subject/angle vs. your blog being a lifestyle platform where you write a bit about everything. Is there one answer or is it personal and different for every blogger? Let me know what you think!

xo, Charlotte 

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